Doorhanger Design Instruction Form



All our doorhangers are custom designed to meet your specific marketing and business goals. This form is designed to help you give our Graphics Department detailed instructions for the initial design concept for your review. This is a design from scratch form. You could alternatively use our design gallery for your type of business for examples and give us design instructions using that form. This will be easier for you if you do not already have a very specific design idea in mind. Links to the relevant gallery design forms can be found on the type of business (dental, tutoring, fitness, restaurant, auto, senior care etc) respective home pages.

We encourage you to read through the form at least once to help you make the necessary preparations before filling out the details. Please complete and submit your information in one session to ensure all file uploads and information are submitted together.

File Uploads:
You will have the opportunity to upload your files through the form below. Alternatively, you may also email your files to after submitting your form. Images should preferably be at least 300dpi for good quality printing. Images pulled directly from the Internet or websites may not be suitable for printing. Please limit file uploads to a maximum combined 20mb otherwise this form will not submit and you will lose the information filled. If in doubt about file size, fill this form to give us instructions but submit images separately using email(s) and ensure each email does not exceed 20mb file size attachment.

Stock Photos:
You have the option of searching and selecting images from – a stock photo website with over 14 million images. There is no cost to our clients for doing this; just send us the Image IDs or links. If you decide to use Shutterstock, we recommend that you select your images before filling the design instruction form.

Please Note: you will have the opportunity for additional suggestions and changes after you review your first proof. However, if your instructions are clear and detailed, it will substantially improve the chances of getting to final proof approval sooner and getting your doorhangers out faster.

General Design Guidelines:

  • The offer or incentive you extend to consumers is the most important determinant of response rates. Think this through very carefully given your business situation and competitive environment. Make your offers and coupons easy to use with minimum conditions.
  • A visually appealing design has a good balance of text and images.
  • Avoid clutter – leave some blank space; it's easier on the eye. Less is often "more" in a good design.
  • We suggest use of 2-3 colors and fonts which are consistent with your brand and your other advertising.
  • Think of a catchy tagline/headline that conveys the main message of the doorhanger very clearly in a few words.

Please fill in this form giving as much detail as possible.

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