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& their vote will follow

Reach Voters & Potential Donors with your powerful message through direct mail.

Since direct mail is geographically targeted, it's an extremely powerful marketing tactic for energizing a voter base prior to an election.

Direct Mail Targeting

Create messaging that is personalized and has one-to-one appeal

Detailed demographic & lifestyle data attributes can be appended to files of registered voters, previous donors or used to create prospecting lists

Activity and interest-based segments can be created so that messaging to specific groups is customized

The resulting communications are relevant to the audience

Segmentation promotes budget efficiency as communications become targeted and not sent indiscriminately

  • Democratic Party
  • Republican Party
  • Independent
  • Political Districts
  • Voting History
  • Demographics
  • Age/Date of Birth
  • Education
  • Estimated Income
  • Ethnicity/Religion
  • Occupation
  • Presence of Children
  • Animal Welfare
  • Children
  • Environment and Wildlife
  • International Aid
  • Heath-Related
  • Politically Conservative or Liberal
  • Religious-Related
  • Veterans Causes

We can send out targeted FULL COLOR postcards. Our price includes design, print, list with postage paid.

NO Contract and NO Commitment


1,000 85¢/pc
4,000 75¢/pc
10,000 or more/ Call for pricing


1,000 90¢/pc
4,000 85¢/pc
10,000 or more/ Call for pricing


1,000 95¢/pc
4,000 90¢/pc
10,000 or more/ Call for pricing

About Us

MARKOTS is a one-stop print direct marketing serving small & medium size organizations nationwide for the last 12 years. We
provide design, print, list and mailing services under one roof.

We offer various formats such as postcards, brochures, envelope/
letter mailers that get delivered by USPS as well as doorhangers which get distributed by private distribution crews.

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