QR Codes

Connect Postcard & Doorhanger Advertising to Smartphones with a QR Code

Quick Response (QR) codes are special barcodes printed on your postcard or doorhanger advertising. Smartphone users can scan this barcode to go to ANY website such as your home page, detailed product or menu page, directions page, a number to call, online video or whatever URL you decide to direct them to.

We Generate & Print QR Codes FREE For
Your Marketing Piece!

How it works:

1) You tell us what you want the QR code to do
2) We generate the QR code
3) We print the QR on your postcard or doorhanger

Some REAL Examples for QR CodesTry Scanning with your smartphone

Call MARKOTS Toll Free Number

MARKOTS Client Video Testimonial

Online Pizza Coupon

Restaurant Menu Page

QR codes are increasing in popularity and are especially useful in targeting younger and mobile individuals with access to smart phones.

Most smartphones come with the QR code reader installed or can be downloaded for free from their app-store. Here's how you can also get one for free: key the following URL http://get.neoreader.com into your handset's web browser and follow on-screen instructions.

Launch the reader and face the smartphone camera to the QR code. The QR code gets auto-detected and the content is delivered right to your phone. No hassles with typing URLs into your browser.

The possibilities are boundless... Think it and we will link it!

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