Setting Up A Marketing Campaign

Steps To Set Up A Campaign

A direct marketing (postcard, doorhanger) campaign consists of 2 main elements.

1) Design and message of the marketing piece.

2) Map and demographics of where you want these pieces delivered.

  • Our solutions are very specific for each type of business. Direct marketing solutions for a dentist are different from, say, a tutoring club.
  • Select your business type by using the "See All Business Types" tab on the right-hand side of this webpage.
  • Get the design process started by submitting instructions to our designers. Unlike other service providers, all our postcards and doorhangers are custom designed for our clients for their specific business situation.
  • You can provide us design instructions from scratch OR use the gallery approach where we show you examples and styles of designs used by others in your industry. This kickstarts the design process. You can find these links at the top of your business type page under "Process" and "Galleries". We will send you a first proof for your review within 1-2 days. Revisions will be made until you are totally happy with the design.
  • Whilst we work on creating a design that hopefully will WOW you, it's time for you to think of demographics and areas where you want the marketing piece delivered. Your business category page will give you some options and ideas suitable for your business and you can request counts, market research reports and maps by going to the "Demographics" link at the top of the webpage.
  • We will Invoice you once you are happy with the design and we have agreed on the marketing map and counts. After you make a payment online, we will go to print. Mailings are done within 3-4 days after payment and it takes another 7-10 days for the piece to reach homes by standard mail. Doorhanger delivery is scheduled 1-2 weeks after payment received and a 5,000 piece distribution job takes a 1-2 days once started.
  • There are no contracts and no commitments to continue beyond the campaign that you are working on. Needless to add, most of our customers are of long term nature.
  • For Help: CallĀ 877-946-7253 MON-FRI 9-5 PT