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What is EDDM®?

1. What is EDDM Mailings?

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mailing) is a USPS program that allows to send mail to addresses in postal routes without the need to actually put an address on the mail piece. Because the mail is not addressed (it just says “To Postal Customer”), we need to mail to the whole postal route. You can exclude businesses, but it is not possible to mail to Homes only (i.e exclude Apartments). All Residential addresses need to be mailed. USPS only allows pieces that exceed certain dimensions (which are defined as ‘flats”) to qualify for EDDM mailings.

2. What are the advantages of EDDM Mailings?

Compared to a regular saturation postcard mailing, the advantage is that since there is no addressing requirement, there is savings in list and addressing the piece. Also since the mail piece is typically larger, you may consider this as a plus if you prefer a larger dimension piece doing a EDDM mailing instead of our standard postcard saturation mailing allows you to mail a larger size piece at a lower cost. However there will be no recipient address on the mail piece..

4. What are the limitations of EDDM Mailings?

EDDM can not work for you if your interest is to reach homes only (say home improvement or solar businesses that do not want to mail to apartments) or you prefer to do a targeted mailing (say a dentist wishing to reach homes with children or new movers) or if you need to do a business to business mailing. Also the mailing format is restricted to a “flat” piece. Regular size postcards and envelopes can not be mailed using EDDM.

6. How can MARKOTS EDDMHub help?

As a print marketing service company, we do provide full-service EDDM service to our clients. That means we help with design (or changes to design, offers, coupons in subsequent mailings), assist you in selection of postal routes (and rotating the routes in subsequent mailings), print the piece and mail it for you as well as pay the postage as a turnkey service.

What is MARKOTS EDDMHub Full Service?

EDDMHub Full Service takes care of the design, print and mailing services.

We provide custom design services included in the price so you do not have to work off templates. And you can change content/ offers in your mailings (we take care of that), we take care of the printing, help identify and select postal routes based on route location and route demographics

(average income, average age in a route). We pay postage and deliver to the post office and if necessary multiple ones if you are mailing to more than one zip code. And you have a dedicated Account Service Rep (like a Marketing Assistant) to guide you.

Our EDDM FORMATS & How the pricing works?

We offer 3 different EDDM compliant size options. And we have a simple pricing for minimum 1,000 pcs as well as
minimum 4,000 pcs that includes everything including postage. For higher quantities, please contact us for a quote.

Easy, Fast &
Cost Effective!

Select your target area (postal routes),
give us design instructions and final
approval to proceed to print and mail

EDDM Mail service is an easy, cost-effective
way to reach potential customers near your business.

3 Easy Steps

Pick your mailing
areas and routes

Fill form below so we
can send you a no-obligation
route report & map for your review

Send us your design

or send us your print ready design
-use the form below.
We will send you a no-obligation
FREE custom design

Approve your mailing
areas & design

After you approve your mailing routes
and design, we will send you an
invoice with the payment link. We will
then proceed to print and mail.

Let’s start by checking to see how many addresses are in your target area. We can also create a no obligation high-quality, full-color custom EDDM Flyer design. Start Right Now!

EDDM mailings need to go to all residential addresses in a postal route. By targeting a radius or a custom area you will be mailing to full routes that approximate the selected area. We will provide you with a map for approval.


Now let’s start your design, will take less than 5 minutes

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About Us

MARKOTS is a one-stop print direct marketing serving small & medium size organizations nationwide for the last 13 years. We provide design, print, list and mailing services under one roof.

We offer various formats such as postcards, brochures, envelope/ letter mailers, EDDM flyers that get delivered by USPS as well as doorhangers which get distributed by private distribution crews.

EVERY DOOR DIRECT MAIL®, EDDM®, EDDM RETAIL® are trademarks of the United States Postal Service®.

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